(01/07 13:59:06) Chat.log started...
(01/07 13:59:30) Doobes: OK, looks like we're all good.
(01/07 13:59:42) GoMe_Luna(nne): uhm I'm using the cider wrapper atm and the client is doing weird
(01/07 13:59:43) Doobes: Hey everyone! Welcome to the first All Guilds Meeting of 2012!
(01/07 14:00:04) Doobes: I am Doobes, your moderator for today, taking GoMeLeonardo's place this month.

(01/07 14:00:10) Trekluver: Could you repeat that Doobes, Hadn't started my log yet.
(01/07 14:00:10) Doobes: He will be back in February. ;)
(01/07 14:00:19) Doobes: I've got one going, Trek. Hehehe.

(01/07 14:00:29) Trekluver: Noprob. :)
(01/07 14:00:39) Doobes: Okay, I'll reiterate the rules:
(01/07 14:01:02) Doobes: Please wait until a speaker has finished before asking questions. If you want to ask them something, please PM me and I will add you to the queue.
(01/07 14:01:11) Doobes: I will call on you when it's your turn.
(01/07 14:01:57) Doobes: Okay, we will start with a relatively new group today.
(01/07 14:02:04) Doobes: Please welcome the Guild of New Greeters!

(01/07 14:02:09) GoMe_Luna(nne): brb
(01/07 14:02:24) Trekluver: Adamyst?

(01/07 14:02:24) Guild of Sleepers welcomes the Guild of New Greeters
(01/07 14:02:28) Trekluver: Get over here!
(01/07 14:02:33) Doobes beckons you
(01/07 14:02:49) Trekluver: Yay. THatnks everyone for coming.
(01/07 14:03:17) Trekluver: I present to you the first Official New Greeters. Adamyst, TomVal, Myself, and Doobes.
(01/07 14:04:08) Trekluver: While we don't have any new news today, I'll let you know tht we're hard at work on our wiki that's full of walkthroughs for players to enjoy.
(01/07 14:04:32) Trekluver: If you'd like to help out on our wiki, please visit newgreeters.openuru.org/wiki
(01/07 14:05:26) Trekluver: Also, we're still accepting New Greeters. Just give me or any one of my cohorts here a shot out and we'll get back to you. Thank you everybody.
(01/07 14:05:41) Trekluver: Do you three have anything to add?

(01/07 14:05:44) Greeter TomVal: t/p Trekkluver DrCrisGer sent me some materials, I'm about to sent them to you
(01/07 14:05:49) Greeter TomVal: oops
(01/07 14:05:57) Trekluver: No prob Tom.
(01/07 14:06:05) Doobes: Just that we are not picky on who wants to be a New Greeter. We're pretty open on membership, so don't be shy. ;)
(01/07 14:06:30) Greeter TomVal: well, some "old" greeters are sympathetic with us, and even support us in various ways
(01/07 14:06:37) Doobes: You can greet whenever you like, but we would like to fill certain times. Particularly for our European friends.
(01/07 14:06:51) Adamyst: and if any of you just want to stop by GoG just to hang out, more than welcome:)

(01/07 14:07:02) Doobes nods
(01/07 14:07:03) Trekluver: Absolutely, as long as you know your way around the ages pretty well your welcome to join. And even if you don't know your way around the game we can schedule a playthrough with you.
(01/07 14:07:20) Wascally Wabbit considers
(01/07 14:07:28) Doobes: NoorMax has a question.
(01/07 14:07:32) Greeter TomVal: well, the time around noon KI time is pretty empty in GoG hood
(01/07 14:08:01) Trekluver: And yes, Tom is our only European guy and we need sommore.
(01/07 14:08:15) Trekluver: Noormax...

(01/07 14:08:33) Doobes: Remember to PM me if you would like to ask the New Greeters something. ;)
(01/07 14:08:36) NoorMax: Will You guys wer tha Green T-shirt whn *On Duty* or/and Off dury too?
(01/07 14:08:55) NoorMax: That was crap .. You got that?
(01/07 14:08:58) Trekluver: Maybe. I will but the other guys don't have to.
(01/07 14:09:08) Greeter TomVal: Well, I use this avvie when "on duty"
(01/07 14:09:17) Doobes: I plan to wear it most times. I kind of consider when I'm online to be "on duty". :D
(01/07 14:09:25) NoorMax: Well .. If in City, You'd be easy to spot?
(01/07 14:09:26) Adamyst: i do most of the time, occasionally i switch back to my grey hooded sweatshirt, hehe
(01/07 14:09:29) Trekluver: Such as Doobes, he's a NG and a GoMe so he can't wear it all the time.
(01/07 14:09:33) Doobes: I will be using this avvie as I have no more extra slots for another avatar.
(01/07 14:09:36) Doobes: Yeah.
(01/07 14:09:41) Doobes: It would get confusing. :D
(01/07 14:09:54) Trekluver: NEXT QUESTION!
(01/07 14:10:09) Doobes: I have no more in the queue.
(01/07 14:10:10) Trekluver: Please excuse my ALL CAPS RAGE.

(01/07 14:10:14) Doobes: LOL!
(01/07 14:10:16) Tai'lahr: lol
(01/07 14:10:23) Doobes gets Trek a new CAPS LOCK button
(01/07 14:10:23) GoMe_Luna(nne): CAPSLOCK ALL THE THINGS
(01/07 14:10:24) Adamyst: :)
(01/07 14:10:29) GoMe_Luna(nne): sorry
(01/07 14:10:32) Doobes: Any other questions?
(01/07 14:10:37) EthanEver is fighting an urge to jump
(01/07 14:10:53) Trekluver: Who had the other question?
(01/07 14:11:10) Doobes: Nobody that I know of.

(01/07 14:11:41) Doobes: You can talk to any of us afterward, by the way.
(01/07 14:11:48) Doobes: Just wait until the end of this meeting to talk to me. ;)
(01/07 14:11:51) Adamyst: sure:)
(01/07 14:11:59) Trekluver: Oops. Ok then, I guess we're done. Thanks everybody for your support. To find out more, just ask or visit rel.to/ng or newgreeters.openuru.org. Thanks. [Applause]
(01/07 14:12:37) Doobes: Tune in next month for another installment of The GoNG Show! :P

(01/07 14:12:38) GoMe_Luna(nne): :P
(01/07 14:12:42) Doobes loves that gag
(01/07 14:12:47) Musica: lol
(01/07 14:13:00) Rhee: badumTISSSHHHH
(01/07 14:13:01) Doobes: Okay, moving on...
(01/07 14:13:06) Rhee supplies canned drumkit
(01/07 14:13:07) Greeter TomVal is messing up PMs
(01/07 14:13:10) Trekluver: LOL
(01/07 14:13:12) Doobes: Are JWPlatt and rarified here yet?
(01/07 14:13:23) Mac: Not that I see

(01/07 14:13:26) Tai'lahr: Don't see them online, no.
(01/07 14:13:37) Trekluver: Speaking of, I finally got my Minkata installation working.
(01/07 14:13:38) Doobes: OK, did you want to go without them or wait a bit longer Mac?
(01/07 14:13:42) Tai'lahr cheers
(01/07 14:13:42) Mac: Gimme a sec
(01/07 14:13:51) Doobes: OK. We'll go with the next group in the meantime.
(01/07 14:14:25) Doobes: I'm not sure if they've been up here yet, but please give a warm welcome to The Open Cave Team!!
(01/07 14:14:57) Mystler: good evening^^

(01/07 14:15:09) SkyDiverRanger: evening!
(01/07 14:15:20) NoorMax: That's a god start ...
(01/07 14:15:26) Christopher: Maybe you already heard of The Open Cave shard
(01/07 14:15:38) SkyDiverRanger: nope
(01/07 14:15:44) Scarchu_BG: yep
(01/07 14:15:44) Dulcamara: Yes i do
(01/07 14:15:45) Doobes has
(01/07 14:15:53) Tom(Samoth): yes.
(01/07 14:15:56) Guild of Sleepers nods her head
(01/07 14:16:02) Rhee: heard of it but haven't visited yet
(01/07 14:16:08) EthanEver shakes his head
(01/07 14:16:18) Trekluver visited it.
(01/07 14:16:26) Christopher: We have a shard based on Alcugs like the DI. but the more interessting thing is our MOUL based shard
(01/07 14:16:26) Adamyst: been there a few times
(01/07 14:16:28) Tom(Samoth): It is nice!
(01/07 14:16:37) Wascally Wabbit: Heard of but that's all
(01/07 14:17:10) Christopher: Mainly it's the same like this MOULa, but we made a lot of new additions
(01/07 14:17:23) Scarchu_BG likes the new addons
(01/07 14:17:38) NoorMax feels pity for all missing the Christmas Decoration Specials in TOC
(01/07 14:17:40) Guild of Sleepers has a franchise there too
(01/07 14:17:41) Trekluver liked the dance party in tha cavern.
(01/07 14:17:53) Scarchu_BG: the new puzzle is good :)
(01/07 14:17:55) Tom(Samoth) love my pet
(01/07 14:17:55) Christopher: First of all we redesigned the Avatar selection
(01/07 14:18:04) Doobes: Ooo!
(01/07 14:18:36) Trekluver likes that.
(01/07 14:18:36) Christopher: The next thing is the Pet system
(01/07 14:18:47) GoMe_Luna(nne): I feel almost hope for uru
(01/07 14:18:55) Doobes grins
(01/07 14:19:05) Christopher: Maybe you already read of this.
(01/07 14:19:09) Trekluver wants a pet Squee.
(01/07 14:19:23) NoorMax thinks the TOC intro is Great!
(01/07 14:19:49) Christopher: We made a new Reltopage hidden on our server, which enables an pet (Cat or Raven) which follows you in every age you go
(01/07 14:19:51) Tom(Samoth) loves the boattrip on the lake
(01/07 14:20:12) Christopher: If you are in your Relto it will sit in your hut
(01/07 14:20:20) Mystler: there were some pictures on the GoW forums, btw

(01/07 14:20:30) Dulcamara: I have no found it
(01/07 14:20:51) Mystler: furthermore, we ported some commands from the well-known OfflineKI by diafero
(01/07 14:20:54) Trekluver hopes for a pet squee next.
(01/07 14:20:57) Scarchu_BG: you must search harder Dulcamara
(01/07 14:21:04) Dulcamara: Lol
(01/07 14:21:09) Trekluver loves /doabarrelroll
(01/07 14:21:18) Mystler: players can play with them and explore in a way they know from their offline game or other TPotS shards
(01/07 14:21:42) Mystler: one of our biggest features is the "City of Dimensions"
(01/07 14:22:00) Mystler: it is a "second city" with lots of new things

(01/07 14:22:14) Mystler: it has been created to keep the original city as it is
(01/07 14:22:27) Wascally Wabbit hands out tardy slip
(01/07 14:22:55) Mystler: In the CoD you can find things like a disco, an elevator to explore the mountains, a boat trip and other things
(01/07 14:23:18) Mystler: additionally the CoD is currently the place where our Storyline takes place
(01/07 14:23:37) Mystler: we are working on a storyline which is called "The Ancient Book of Fate"
(01/07 14:24:12) Mystler: I don't want to spoil anything here, but I encourage you to visit us

(01/07 14:24:22) Doobes is definitely intrigued
(01/07 14:24:32) Mystler: We are currently in chapter 1 and found some hints concerning a dark guild
(01/07 14:25:00) NoorMax would encourage everybody to visit too! It's been great so far ...
(01/07 14:25:03) Christopher: Well, back to some other changes
(01/07 14:25:04) Trekluver wonders if there's a dark side of the art...
(01/07 14:25:16) Christopher: We also made new clothing Items
(01/07 14:25:22) Trekluver claps his hands
(01/07 14:25:30) Doobes cheers
(01/07 14:25:42) Guild of Sleepers like the Rohrschach shirt
(01/07 14:25:56) Christopher: For now we only have a chinese hat and new TShirt styles
(01/07 14:26:07) Christopher: But we are still working on new items

(01/07 14:26:14) Doobes: Still, that's a great start.
(01/07 14:26:42) Christopher: You can also send us textures for shirts you want to see and we implement them in the game
(01/07 14:26:58) Jaytee: kewl
(01/07 14:27:03) Trekluver thinks He'll send in a GoNG logo...
(01/07 14:27:06) Scarchu_BG: i have a question about the shirts
(01/07 14:27:08) Doobes grins
(01/07 14:27:21) SkyDiverRanger wants to ask a question...
(01/07 14:27:25) Christopher: If you know how to make clothing items you can also send them to us and we will see that we implement them
(01/07 14:27:25) Trekluver thinks that''s still a maybe
(01/07 14:27:28) Dulcamara: Can you also create clothes for women?
(01/07 14:27:38) Doobes: Hang on, we'll get to that. Just PM me if you want to ask something please.
(01/07 14:27:51) Dulcamara: Ok
(01/07 14:27:57) GoMe_Luna(nne): please PM doobes if you want to ask a quetion. He wil put you in the queue
(01/07 14:28:02) Trekluver thinks PMing Doobes is the way to go.
(01/07 14:28:03) GoMe_Luna(nne): *question
(01/07 14:28:12) Christopher: The next thing is some more funny than serious stuff
(01/07 14:28:25) Trekluver wants to tell a joke.
(01/07 14:28:39) Christopher: We made new animations like "doabarrelroll" or "wtf"
(01/07 14:28:40) Trekluver just forgot what his joke was.
(01/07 14:28:57) Mystler does a barrel roll - that's possible on the TOC :D
(01/07 14:29:16) Christopher: these are animations which let make your avatar some very funny movements

(01/07 14:29:38) Trekluver is telling everybody on behalf of Peppy Hare to do a barrel roll on TOC.
(01/07 14:29:51) Christopher: We are also accepting new stuff if you made fan ages or something like this
(01/07 14:30:27) Christopher: But remember: This is a MOULa shard. So we can only release ages which are exported using 3ds Max

(01/07 14:30:38) Doobes shrugs
(01/07 14:30:46) Doobes: Better than nothing, IMO.
(01/07 14:30:47) Doobes: ;)
(01/07 14:30:52) Mystler: You also have the possibility to test MOUL ages in a private test age
(01/07 14:31:11) Mystler: to check whether your age works in a MOUL environment
(01/07 14:31:41) Mystler: We are also looking for cool stuff from our community
(01/07 14:32:01) Mystler: We started a music contest some days ago
(01/07 14:32:31) Mystler: People may send us proposals for new KahloPub music in the CoD

(01/07 14:33:03) SkyDiverRanger: yes!!!
(01/07 14:33:03) Mystler: Technically, we use the latest CWE client by the GoW-Huru group
(01/07 14:33:15) SkyDiverRanger: fix up the pub!!
(01/07 14:33:22) SkyDiverRanger: woohoo
(01/07 14:33:24) Doobes cheers
(01/07 14:33:37) Mystler: so our client has some fixes, e.g. a new cursor and display (Christian Walther has been working on that)
(01/07 14:33:44) NoorMax: A word pehaps on Your abilities to Customize the different Hoods?
(01/07 14:34:07) Mystler: yeah, right, Hood owners may customize their hood
(01/07 14:34:27) Mystler: well, at least they can tell us what they want to have and we change it
(01/07 14:34:30) Trekluver: chear
(01/07 14:34:38) janaba is amazed!
(01/07 14:34:38) Trekluver cheers
(01/07 14:34:44) Doobes is amazed too
(01/07 14:34:50) Scarchu_BG claps his hands
(01/07 14:34:52) janaba: the Bahro too lol
(01/07 14:35:02) Doobes: LOL!
(01/07 14:35:02) Mcbeam: they do goo work there
(01/07 14:35:07) Christopher: But I want also to say that we currently have problems with Markergames
(01/07 14:35:08) Mcbeam: *good
(01/07 14:35:22) SkyDiverRanger: tell me about it!
(01/07 14:35:24) Christopher: Currently it's not possible to play them
(01/07 14:35:34) Scarchu_BG: But can create them
(01/07 14:35:53) Mcbeam: but you can mak a game just not [play it ")
(01/07 14:36:04) Christopher: We have to run our Client with a newer version of PhysX than this MOULa
(01/07 14:36:47) Christopher: The old version is no longer available, but there are some people on the GoW (Mainly Hoikas) who try to fix these issues

(01/07 14:36:54) Mcbeam: but you still can jump in CoD lol
(01/07 14:37:08) Christopher: Maybe one word to our future plans
(01/07 14:37:34) Christopher: First of all we want to expand our story
(01/07 14:38:07) Christopher: Another thing I discovered in the last weeks is a way of creating new avatartypes
(01/07 14:38:39) Christopher: I plan to maybe release a new playable (more funny) avatar type

(01/07 14:39:08) Mcbeam likes silly
(01/07 14:39:14) Christopher: Sometimes you can also see a dragon or a luggage on our server...
(01/07 14:39:26) Scarchu_BG: the dragon is so cite :)
(01/07 14:39:29) NoorMax could use a Kangaroo for jumps sometimes
(01/07 14:39:29) Scarchu_BG: *cute
(01/07 14:39:42) Christopher: I also try to bring back the Wall
(01/07 14:39:48) SkyDiverRanger: ?
(01/07 14:39:52) Guild of Sleepers: Wow
(01/07 14:39:58) Doobes cheers
(01/07 14:39:59) janaba: a dragon ... wow :-))
(01/07 14:40:14) Doobes: The Wall AND a dragon? I like it! :D
(01/07 14:40:15) Christopher: I made some interessting discoveries in the last days regarding the code of the Wall
(01/07 14:40:29) Mystler: - it's not a huge dragon but a rather small one^^

(01/07 14:40:45) Doobes: Still...a dragon! Hehehe.
(01/07 14:40:48) Scarchu_BG have a pic of him and the Dragon :)
(01/07 14:40:53) Mystler: however, he might grow with the time :)
(01/07 14:40:57) Tom(Samoth) wants a dragon as pet...
(01/07 14:41:05) Wascally Wabbit thinks more an Ivor the Engine dragon
(01/07 14:41:06) Christopher: My main problem are some incompatibilites in the Game files, but maybe I am able to fix this
(01/07 14:41:20) Christopher: But I don't promise something with that!

(01/07 14:41:25) Doobes nods
(01/07 14:41:28) Mcbeam: there is a cat and raven
(01/07 14:41:36) SkyDiverRanger: we know
(01/07 14:42:03) Doobes has lots of questions ready for TOC team
(01/07 14:42:06) Doobes: :)
(01/07 14:42:15) Mystler: All in all, there are still some bugs and if you prefer to play URU as it is, we suggest you stay in MOULa
(01/07 14:42:30) Mystler: however, our goal is to develop a shard where it is fun to play
(01/07 14:42:39) Mystler: and to discover what is different

(01/07 14:42:50) SkyDiverRanger cheers
(01/07 14:42:54) Doobes nods
(01/07 14:43:02) Mystler: If you are interested in more information you can visit our homepage
(01/07 14:43:07) Mystler: it is the-open-cave.net
(01/07 14:43:31) Mystler: especially in our forums there is information about everything we told you today

(01/07 14:43:39) Tom(Samoth): you've have already done a good job, guys!
(01/07 14:43:45) Doobes: Agreed.
(01/07 14:43:48) janaba takes a note
(01/07 14:43:49) Scarchu_BG: agreed too
(01/07 14:43:51) donald drake: its a lot of peaple here
(01/07 14:43:55) Mystler: Now, we want to thank you for your consideration and answer the questions ^^
(01/07 14:44:02) Doobes: Scarchu_BG is first.

(01/07 14:44:03) Guild of Sleepers .org has a lot info on TOC too
(01/07 14:44:06) Scarchu_BG: thanks
(01/07 14:44:13) Scarchu_BG: I want to ask you about the shirts
(01/07 14:44:23) Scarchu_BG: i'm a mamber of Gos at ToC
(01/07 14:44:33) Scarchu_BG: and i had a shirt made by Alien
(01/07 14:44:47) Scarchu_BG: but after i use /suitup command
(01/07 14:45:01) Scarchu_BG: the shirt isn't at my wardrobe anymore
(01/07 14:45:10) Scarchu_BG: a) how to suitoff
(01/07 14:45:16) Scarchu_BG: b) where is my shirt ?

(01/07 14:45:31) NoorMax: Tha Cat took it!
(01/07 14:45:48) Doobes: (Those of you that had questions, be sure to type them up beforehand so you don't get bogged down by lag. Hit enter when I call on you.)
(01/07 14:46:01) Christopher: To a) You have to go in your Wardrobe and choose other clothing
(01/07 14:46:36) Christopher: To b) this seems to be a bug. We will take a look into this and please post it again in our forums
(01/07 14:46:46) Scarchu_BG: Thank you
(01/07 14:46:56) Doobes: TomVal is up next.
(01/07 14:47:00) Greeter TomVal: Please remember accessibility - i.e. please implement the zoom feature of d'ni glasses, and make it possible to give textual descriptions of surroundings for age builders
(01/07 14:47:29) Greeter TomVal: This way, even people with bad eyes could make something of Uru environment, without resorting to walkthroughs
(01/07 14:47:40) Mystler: wow, those are features we never thought of, we are always happy te see new suggestions
(01/07 14:48:04) Doobes: SkyDiverRanger, you're up!
(01/07 14:48:10) Greeter TomVal: And make it possible to set much bigger font for KI
(01/07 14:48:17) SkyDiverRanger: I just want to know how to get into the open cave...do I have to buy another game? or can I downlaod the whole thing from Cyan? and how much does it cost?
(01/07 14:48:17) Mystler: furthermore we would like to see people who are working on such things, because we have a quite large ToDo-List
(01/07 14:48:23) Mystler: and do it in our free time
(01/07 14:48:39) Doobes: Oops, sorry. Jumped the gun on that one. :P
(01/07 14:48:51) Mystler: so, it i don't know when you will be able to see something like that :)

(01/07 14:48:55) SkyDiverRanger: read above
(01/07 14:49:04) SkyDiverRanger: or shall I ask again
(01/07 14:49:10) SkyDiverRanger: ?
(01/07 14:49:19) Christopher: I will answer
(01/07 14:49:30) SkyDiverRanger: how do you get to the open cavbe?
(01/07 14:49:30) Christopher: Our game is free
(01/07 14:49:34) SkyDiverRanger: cave
(01/07 14:49:46) SkyDiverRanger: do you downlaod it?
(01/07 14:49:48) Christopher: You can download our installer on our website
(01/07 14:49:57) Greeter TomVal: which is?

(01/07 14:50:04) SkyDiverRanger: do you have to have a copy of Myst?
(01/07 14:50:07) Christopher: the-open-cave.net
(01/07 14:50:11) Scarchu_BG: the-open-cave.net
(01/07 14:50:15) SkyDiverRanger: or URU?
(01/07 14:50:37) Christopher: You need the MOULa installation you are currently using
(01/07 14:50:51) SkyDiverRanger: do I need to upgrade any of my spcs?
(01/07 14:51:08) Christopher: If you start the installer it will automatically copy your installation and install the open cave

(01/07 14:51:20) SkyDiverRanger: ok
(01/07 14:51:24) Doobes: karoh is next.
(01/07 14:51:29) karoh: suggestion: in honor of the very first Rivenguild link website, since it was the beginning of it all: may we have a rivenguild t-shirt like the one they sold?
(01/07 14:52:39) karoh: it was black, long sleeves with daggers on the sleeves . back and on front pocket
(01/07 14:52:39) Christopher: As we said earlier Fans can send us Shirt textures. Then we will implement them in our game. In our forums there is a template texture of a shirt
(01/07 14:53:36) Mystler: another question?
(01/07 14:53:44) Doobes: Mibtech, you're up.
(01/07 14:54:53) Doobes: No Mibtech? Alright then. Rhee?
(01/07 14:54:56) Rhee: You have explained how to get the TOC softward onto our computer, but what is needed to actually get onto the shard? ie. sign up with an e-mail account,
create an account on the TOC forum, aska TOC manager/moderator to create an account for you,etc...
(01/07 14:55:30) Christopher: We have an Account creation site on our homepage

(01/07 14:55:33) karoh: ok
(01/07 14:56:01) Rhee: gotcha :) thanks now we all know :)
(01/07 14:56:03) Christopher: There you have to register with your Email, then you get an email with an activation link
(01/07 14:56:16) Dulcamara: I have build a Fanage with blender, is it possible to play it in TOC
(01/07 14:56:43) Christopher: No the versions are not compatible
(01/07 14:56:50) Dulcamara: Ok thanks
(01/07 14:57:04) Doobes: Trekluver! Your turn!
(01/07 14:57:07) Trekluver: You mentioned the Kahlo Pub, are you planning on fixing in in the CoD? Also, will you be excepting fan storylines or fan ARG's on TOC in the future?
(01/07 14:57:35) Mystler: well, in the CoD (which is mainly Filtik's work) he completely rebuilt the Kahlo Pub
(01/07 14:57:46) Mystler: that is also why we are looking for music ;)
(01/07 14:57:46) Trekluver: WOW!

(01/07 14:57:59) janaba: wow!
(01/07 14:58:10) Daarboven claps his hands
(01/07 14:58:14) Trekluver claps his hands
(01/07 14:58:15) Mystler: and of course, we would like to see fans doing some storyline
(01/07 14:58:24) Mcbeam claps his hands
(01/07 14:58:40) Trekluver goes into hiding to write storyline...
(01/07 14:58:45) janaba: this sounds all pretty awesome :-)
(01/07 14:58:52) Doobes: Luna wanted to ask/comment on something.
(01/07 14:58:56) GoMe_Luna(nne): I just had a quick comment. I remember hearing that Hoikas was sent the old physx sdk by cyan. I think the plan is still to update everything to
the new physx, but it might be useful to built clients that work /now/

(01/07 14:59:26) Trekluver: It's currently in the works to port H'uru to Bullet physics.
(01/07 14:59:37) Trekluver: But that's a bit doen the line
(01/07 14:59:37) GoMe_Luna(nne): so maybe if you ask him, you can get it to built clients with
(01/07 14:59:48) GoMe_Luna(nne): the bullet replacement is a lot of work
(01/07 14:59:50) Christopher: That's interessting to hear. I will ask Hoikas for this. Thanks for the hint ;)
(01/07 15:00:05) Doobes: Christian Walther is up!

(01/07 15:00:07) GoMe_Luna(nne): I am pretty sure it was mentioned once :)
(01/07 15:00:16) Trekluver: Yes, but it's better than another version of PhysX.
(01/07 15:00:18) Christian Walther: second, had to clear my chat line...
(01/07 15:00:22) Doobes: k
(01/07 15:00:27) Stone: Im gitting PMs sounds like we hit the 50 people max some cant get in here ???
(01/07 15:00:40) Mcbeam: yes!!!!!
(01/07 15:00:42) Trekluver: Yes,I'm getting some as well.
(01/07 15:00:45) GoMe_Luna(nne): yeah but to move now, is kind of awkward
(01/07 15:00:49) SkyDiverRanger: yep
(01/07 15:00:54) GoMe_Luna(nne): there will be a chatlog available
(01/07 15:00:57) Emor D'ni Lap: ooops
(01/07 15:00:59) Christopher: Other questions?
(01/07 15:01:08) Doobes: Yeah, I've heard. We're already well into the meeting. Please tell them that a chatlog will be on www.guildofmessengers.com by the end of theday.
(01/07 15:01:08) Christian Walther: Some vague recollection in my mind classifies TOC as the successor to the infamous Pelishard, which would explain a certain reluctance to join.
Is there any truth to that?

(01/07 15:01:10) SkyDiverRanger: YES
(01/07 15:01:10) Emor D'ni Lap: Yes, as of about 20 minutes ago Kirel was maxed
(01/07 15:01:15) Doobes: J'Kla has a question.
(01/07 15:01:20) SkyDiverRanger wants to ask a question...
(01/07 15:01:29) Tai'lahr giggles.
(01/07 15:01:31) Trekluver: THere will be one on the GoNG forum archives as well.
(01/07 15:01:32) Christian Walther: Eh, did my question slip through the cracks?
(01/07 15:01:41) Doobes: Sorry Christian. :P
(01/07 15:01:43) Doobes: Go again.
(01/07 15:01:45) Mystler: well, the TOC is not the successor of the Pelishard
(01/07 15:01:55) Mystler: it is true that i was invovled in the Pelishard

(01/07 15:02:04) janaba: lol
(01/07 15:02:04) Mystler: and Dhel was part of the TOC team when it opened
(01/07 15:02:08) Doobes: Hang on for a bit longer, J'Kla. ;)
(01/07 15:02:22) Mystler: but Dhel is completely out of the team and has nothing to say
(01/07 15:02:41) Mystler: and Filtik is the admin who owns the server and is managing "the whole"

(01/07 15:02:55) Trekluver: Was Pelishard the one that was causing a bit of fuss over the yellow blob thing?
(01/07 15:03:01) Mystler: so there is a huge difference between Peli and TOC
(01/07 15:03:06) Mcbeam hates politics
(01/07 15:03:17) Christian Walther: OK, thanks, that's reassuring
(01/07 15:03:18) Doobes: J'Kla, you're up (again). We will need to move on to the next groups, so if you still have questions, seek out the TOC members and ask directly
once they are off-stage.

(01/07 15:03:37) GoMe_Luna(nne): pelishard was infamous, mostly because dhelyan
(01/07 15:03:40) Mcbeam: :)
(01/07 15:03:49) GoMe_Luna(nne): but that is an entirely different story as they just explained :)
(01/07 15:03:50) Trekluver: Gotcha. I remember now.
(01/07 15:04:06) J'Kla: Wil TOC take fan ages from 3dMax?
(01/07 15:04:17) Trekluver: I guess that's the first chapter of greifing 101? :D
(01/07 15:04:26) Doobes: Ugh, lets not get into that today. :P
(01/07 15:04:32) Trekluver: :D
(01/07 15:04:36) Christopher: Yes. If you are making good ages we will take them.
(01/07 15:04:41) J'Kla: ty
(01/07 15:05:05) Doobes: Alright, if you have more questions, feel free to ask these wonderful people. Give a big hand to TOC!!!!
(01/07 15:05:30) Christopher: If you want to contact us you can reach us over the forum or info@the-open-cave.net

(01/07 15:05:37) janaba is going to count her shards from now on as it seems :-)
(01/07 15:05:44) JWPlatt claps Cate's hands
(01/07 15:05:56) Tai'lahr roars with laughter
(01/07 15:06:01) Doobes: OK, I know we have hit the population limit, so please tell anyone who can't get in that there WILL be a chatlog later. Just reiterating.
(01/07 15:06:19) Doobes: For our next group, please welcome to the stage...the OpenUru.org team!!!

(01/07 15:06:54) GoMe_Nev'yn!: @Doobes: I'll post something on MOUL forums.
(01/07 15:07:01) Doobes: Thank you Nev. :)
(01/07 15:07:40) Mac: OK who's starting ;)
(01/07 15:07:45) Doobes: LOL!
(01/07 15:07:57) rarified thinks JW
(01/07 15:08:05) JWPlatt: I'd like to give some words of thanks to some people, so whereever that fits into the agenda is fine.
(01/07 15:08:20) Doobes: Whenever you like.
(01/07 15:08:40) JWPlatt: May I lead off?

(01/07 15:08:43) Trekluver: WE LOVE YOU OPENURU!
(01/07 15:08:48) Mac: Go ahead
(01/07 15:08:49) Tai'lahr cheers
(01/07 15:08:49) SkyDiverRanger: lol
(01/07 15:08:50) Doobes cheers
(01/07 15:08:56) JWPlatt: lol Trek
(01/07 15:09:18) JWPlatt: Ok, I think this is a bit ahead of what rarified might have to talk about, but...

(01/07 15:10:07) Mcbeam waves hello
(01/07 15:10:26) Trekluver: JW just saved a bunch of Money on his car insurance?
(01/07 15:10:34) Mcbeam: lol
(01/07 15:10:38) Jaytee: hehehe
(01/07 15:10:45) Doobes readies the duct tape...
(01/07 15:10:47) Doobes: :P
(01/07 15:10:49) JWPlatt: I'd like to give a big thanks to community volunteers who are helping to staff our ridiculously simple supoprt system, test and confirm bugs,
and document how to get around to make it easier for other community members to get started and test the open source code.

(01/07 15:11:26) Mcbeam: are we talking about minkata shard?
(01/07 15:11:41) Tai'lahr: Yes, Mcbeam.
(01/07 15:11:42) Mac: Yes, the Minkata shard
(01/07 15:11:54) rarified nods his head
(01/07 15:12:08) JWPlatt: You can see their work on our forums, on the MOULa forums, on our Help Desk support system at http://Support.OpenUru.org, and on our Foundry development
issue system, JIRA, at http://Foundry.OpenUru.org/jira.

(01/07 15:12:15) Mcbeam: i have a question
(01/07 15:12:16) Trekluver: Yes, the shard that hated to install on my computer.
(01/07 15:12:29) Doobes: I'll put you in the queue, Mcbeam. Please PM me if you'd like to ask something later.
(01/07 15:12:34) Mac: For anyone who doesn't know, the Minkata sahrd opened to the public on December 21
(01/07 15:12:34) Tai'lahr: You're a GREAT bug tester, Trek! ; )
(01/07 15:12:43) JWPlatt: These are people you know like Marten, tai'lahr, ChristianWalther, and more.
(01/07 15:12:53) SkyDiverRanger: I hope I don't have install issues!
(01/07 15:13:05) SkyDiverRanger: with this or the open cave
(01/07 15:13:22) JWPlatt: There are others including those who take the time to do testing, like Dot, Sheila'R, RR_Caz, Ural, HenryMikel, sut, and more.
(01/07 15:14:14) JWPlatt: It takes people to run somethnig like this and their help is hugely appreciated. We're trying hard to make it easy for everyone to help and we encourage
anyone with the time to join the effort. Thanks!
(01/07 15:14:15) Mac: The purpose of the Minkata shard is to be a test bed for code changes that are intended to go into Cyan's MOULa

(01/07 15:14:29) SkyDiverRanger: great!!
(01/07 15:14:30) Doobes: :D
(01/07 15:14:44) Tom(Samoth): nice job...
(01/07 15:15:12) Mac: The launch has gone much more smoothly that I think we could have hoped
(01/07 15:16:09) JWPlatt: Somehow I forgot to mention Trekluver. Heh. he's been helping too. ;)
(01/07 15:16:13) rarified: Should I start here?
(01/07 15:16:23) Mac: At this point, were trying to get the shard to be as close a match to MOULa as possible, so that anything we test , gets tests on as close as possible
a match to Cyan;s build

(01/07 15:16:25) Trekluver: Not alot, but you'll see me on Minkata soon. :)
(01/07 15:17:15) Mac: I just want to make a point about the CavCon then I'll let rarified take over
(01/07 15:17:46) Mac: Most of you will have noticed that the CavCon just dropped to 3 this week

(01/07 15:17:54) Doobes says DOH!
(01/07 15:17:59) Trekluver is sad
(01/07 15:18:03) Wascally Wabbit nods his head
(01/07 15:18:04) GoMe_Luna(nne): not surprised
(01/07 15:18:31) Mac: Well, while the Minkata shard is not any way directly affected by this,
(01/07 15:18:57) Mac: The point of Minkata is to feed chages into MOULa
(01/07 15:19:42) Mac: So if MOULa suffers to a point that Cyan can't spend time implementing those changes, then there becomes no reason for Minkata
(01/07 15:20:58) Mac: So, I'd just encourage people to do what they can to help the CavCon status. The holidays obviously affected things, but let's get back to normal now.

(01/07 15:21:25) GoMe_Luna(nne): yet they could not spent the time to implement them when cavcon was better either
(01/07 15:21:45) Mac: OK, Thanks for letting me get that across. Now over to rarified
(01/07 15:21:54) SkyDiverRanger: awkward
(01/07 15:22:00) EthanEver: thanks Mac!
(01/07 15:22:08) EthanEver says okay
(01/07 15:22:18) rarified: Where did we leave things at the last AGM? Ah yes....
(01/07 15:22:48) rarified: We announced plans for a new shard, and thankfully we were able to deliver.
(01/07 15:23:11) rarified: We were happy to present the Minkata shard, as Mac has pointed out

(01/07 15:23:28) janaba cheers
(01/07 15:23:35) rarified: for testing fixes and additions that are very close to being ready for inclusion in MOULa.
(01/07 15:24:00) rarified: The launch of the shard was remarkably smooth, I have to thank the alpha and beta players
(01/07 15:24:08) rarified: for putting up with the glitches.

(01/07 15:24:20) Tai'lahr: Thanks for putting up with US! ; )
(01/07 15:24:25) Doobes: Hehehe.
(01/07 15:24:30) rarified: As of right now, we have 164 people signed up to test things
(01/07 15:24:52) rarified: Which is amazing considering we've been open only slightly more than two weeks.

(01/07 15:25:08) janaba: lol
(01/07 15:25:15) Tai'lahr: wow
(01/07 15:25:26) janaba: great!
(01/07 15:25:29) rarified: Out of those 164 people, only about 5 have needed installation help to get Minkata running on their computers
(01/07 15:25:36) Rhee: what else is there to do over the holidays, i suppose ;)
(01/07 15:25:44) Doobes: True.
(01/07 15:26:04) rarified: So from the feedback we've received, I believe we were successful in making things simple for
(01/07 15:26:10) rarified: you to join and help out.
(01/07 15:26:36) rarified: That said, we've gone through the shakedown period for the shard. What's next? :)

(01/07 15:26:41) janaba: it worked like a charm , thanks :-)
(01/07 15:26:58) Emor D'ni Lap: Congratulations to all the MOSS developers!
(01/07 15:27:35) rarified: I have a batch of fixes for minor bugs in Jalak and other areas, and a big
(01/07 15:28:00) rarified: (in terms of program code) change to -- as announced before -- implement international
(01/07 15:28:07) rarified: characters in KI messages.
(01/07 15:28:34) rarified: I'm in the process of testing a stand-alone client right now with those changes

(01/07 15:28:42) Greeter TomVal looks forward for international characters in KI
(01/07 15:28:51) janeerah agreed
(01/07 15:28:55) Doobes: As are many others, I would think. ;)
(01/07 15:28:59) janeerah: 'agrees'
(01/07 15:29:04) GoMe_Nev'yn!: thank the maker! try transliterating russian!
(01/07 15:29:04) rarified: and if they don't completely kill things, we'll put out the update on Minkata
(01/07 15:29:05) JWPlatt: We have the h'uru development team to thank for unicode (international characters).
(01/07 15:29:17) rarified: probably by Monday [01/09/12].

(01/07 15:29:23) Doobes: Fantastic.
(01/07 15:29:28) Trekluver cheers
(01/07 15:29:31) Greeter TomVal cheers
(01/07 15:30:06) Christian Walther: Don't get your hopes up for Russian, it's still only Latin-1, unfortunately - the fonts don't support anything else
(01/07 15:30:17) SkyDiverRanger: lol
(01/07 15:30:17) rarified: I know the Minkata changes aren't that exciting, but they are the first
(01/07 15:30:25) Tom(Samoth): sorry guys... take some pictures.
(01/07 15:30:27) janeerah: will it be ok for french?
(01/07 15:30:43) rarified: changes to follow "the path" for getting real contributed code back to MOULa
(01/07 15:30:44) janeerah: accents?
(01/07 15:30:50) SkyDiverRanger: oui
(01/07 15:30:52) Wascally Wabbit: at least welcome
(01/07 15:30:55) Christian Walther: Yes, French and other languages with latin letters should be OK
(01/07 15:31:04) rarified: I think most European languages will be OK.
(01/07 15:31:09) GoMe_Luna(nne): accents should work, strange alphabets like cyrillic won't
(01/07 15:31:14) Gahlen: Greek?
(01/07 15:31:17) janeerah: and some keys that are not accepted
(01/07 15:31:19) Tai'lahr: Please let him finish and PM your request to ask a question to Doobes.
(01/07 15:31:25) Doobes nods
(01/07 15:31:32) Doobes: Yeah, what Tai'lahr said. :P
(01/07 15:31:32) janeerah: no exclamtion point in frn kb
(01/07 15:31:35) rarified: The fonts don't have character mappings for Asian so they'll cause problems
(01/07 15:32:14) rarified: After that, there are a lot of fixes that the GoW/H'uru team have already put together,

(01/07 15:32:28) Trekluver sings "Doobes Claus Is Comign To Town" 'He's making a list, checking it twice. Going to find out who's going to ask their question next, Doobes Clause
is coming to Kirel...'
(01/07 15:32:30) rarified: and it is just a matter of pulling those over to Minkata slowly but surely
(01/07 15:32:48) rarified: so we can make sure each one is tested as best as we can.
(01/07 15:33:33) rarified: There are also fixes afoot for some of the underlying problems such as Net 6 errors that may
(01/07 15:33:54) rarified: have caught your attention. Hopefully they are not limited to just Minkata but have applicability
(01/07 15:34:03) rarified: to fixing those pests in MOULa as well.

(01/07 15:34:09) SkyDiverRanger: I hate those!
(01/07 15:34:24) Mac: Net6's were a pain for a lot of people in MOULa
(01/07 15:34:32) SkyDiverRanger: hahhaha
(01/07 15:34:47) Rhee snorts... were? still ARE for some :P hehe
(01/07 15:34:50) rarified: I'm very grateful for the way the H'uru team has been offering their work for use to test.
(01/07 15:35:01) rarified: ^us
(01/07 15:35:29) rarified: But contributions aren't limited to just H'uru. Others that have found bugs in code or existing ages
(01/07 15:35:55) rarified: are encouraged to get those changes to us for testing. Our principle requirement is

(01/07 15:35:57) SkyDiverRanger: like Kadish
(01/07 15:36:21) rarified: that those changes not require extensive changes to the Cyan-provided CWE code
(01/07 15:36:40) rarified: and not include any material from other Cyan-based games that may have rights
(01/07 15:36:44) rarified: issues.
(01/07 15:37:17) rarified: To address Lunanne's point about CAVCON 4, I believe what we're doing with Minkata
(01/07 15:37:42) rarified: will save a *lot* of Cyan's time to adapt and review those contributions, so
(01/07 15:38:01) rarified: it's far more likely once we've crossed the threshold of getting our first batch of
(01/07 15:38:21) rarified: changes to Cyan and into MOULa, that the "wheels will have been greased" so to speak.

(01/07 15:38:32) Thumbs up from Doobes
(01/07 15:38:39) Mac: It reduces the burden on Cyan's resources and makes it much more likely that they will adopt the changes
(01/07 15:38:45) janaba: yeah! great!
(01/07 15:39:03) rarified: So, today's roadmap is a very-soon update to Minkata with the first batch of changes.
(01/07 15:39:05) Mac: It also gives them a chance to see what the changes do before making a decision
(01/07 15:39:27) rarified: We'll need as many testers as we can get to exercise the KI message changes
(01/07 15:39:50) rarified: (since I'm here with a simple US-standard keyboard) :)
(01/07 15:40:02) Mac: So, especially internationals, I guess ;)
(01/07 15:40:17) rarified: Absolutely, Mac.

(01/07 15:40:30) janeerah: can help for french
(01/07 15:40:33) Doobes: (Remember, if you have questions for OpenUru.org, PM me to add yourself to the queue)
(01/07 15:40:33) Mac: Or multilingualists
(01/07 15:40:37) janeerah: (as i said)
(01/07 15:40:52) rarified: I also am pleased with the stability of the shard itself. I'd like to set up
(01/07 15:41:05) rarified: some challenges to verify things work under load.
(01/07 15:41:18) rarified: I'm willing to entertain requests for group gatherings on the shard

(01/07 15:41:28) SkyDiverRanger: yes!
(01/07 15:41:34) janaba: a CavCon party maybe lol
(01/07 15:41:35) rarified: to see what happens with a greater load. I'll be happy to up the
(01/07 15:41:46) JWPlatt: Before any Q&A, I have one more note after rarifiedis done.

(01/07 15:41:48) Tai'lahr: Pick a date and plan a stress-test party!
(01/07 15:41:53) rarified: max occupancy limits on various areas if that appeals to people.
(01/07 15:41:54) Emor D'ni Lap: immediately after this meeting!
(01/07 15:42:10) Wascally Wabbit would find Doc breaking it
(01/07 15:42:12) SkyDiverRanger: lol
(01/07 15:42:14) Mac: Oh, BTW, if anyone wants sign up details, Tai'lahr is offering to send a Ki-mail with the information. Just send her a PM
(01/07 15:42:34) rarified: Oh, one more thing. We've been getting a great deal of help from Marten to automate
(01/07 15:42:47) rarified: the seasonal decoration changes in the shard.
(01/07 15:43:09) Doobes: Ah, nice. :)
(01/07 15:43:10) rarified: We've gone back to the calendar-based sparklie schedule
(01/07 15:43:19) Tai'lahr cheers
(01/07 15:43:22) janaba: cool :-)
(01/07 15:43:27) rarified: so sign up and grab your sparklies while you can.
(01/07 15:43:34) Doobes: As long as they all WORK, I say good! ;)
(01/07 15:43:50) rarified: Maybe in time for June we'll be able to see the last missing one :)
(01/07 15:43:56) janaba: hehe
(01/07 15:44:09) Tom(Samoth): that would be nice!
(01/07 15:44:09) JWPlatt: The next MOULa update will include the Minkata fix, thanks to Chogon and D'Lanor.
(01/07 15:44:23) rarified: I think that's all I have to announce. Open the question queue.

(01/07 15:44:24) janaba: really????
(01/07 15:44:31) Doobes: Mcbeam had a question.
(01/07 15:44:32) janaba cheers
(01/07 15:44:37) Mcbeam: i can't get past the potscave barho thing when installing. i just was tring to get it yesterday! can someone help me please???
(01/07 15:44:39) JWPlatt: No Q&A yet. I have one more note.
(01/07 15:44:49) Mcbeam: oops
(01/07 15:44:49) JWPlatt: If I may?
(01/07 15:44:58) Mcbeam: sorry
(01/07 15:45:04) Doobes: My fault, Mcbeam. ;)
(01/07 15:45:10) Mcbeam: :)
(01/07 15:45:15) Doobes: Be ready to ask again in a bit.
(01/07 15:45:22) JWPlatt: There is one person I left out of my opening thanks...
(01/07 15:45:45) JWPlatt: I wanted to wait for his permission, all things considered, and I just got it.

(01/07 15:46:32) Emor D'ni Lap: (drum roll)
(01/07 15:46:36) Trekluver: Mcbeam, Read the topic on the forums to see my fix. I'll update the wiki soon to help anyone out.
(01/07 15:46:37) janaba is waiting with baited breath :-)
(01/07 15:46:40) janaba: lol
(01/07 15:46:40) Tai'lahr: wait for it...
(01/07 15:46:45) Rhee: lol @Emor
(01/07 15:46:58) Doobes: Drumroll...
(01/07 15:47:04) JWPlatt: I'd like to give a special shout out to Hoikas, Adam Johnson, who has been extremely helpful in his time and talents in helping rarified, offering
advice, and even handing some of our tickets on our support system.

(01/07 15:47:10) Tai'lahr claps her hands
(01/07 15:47:16) Mcbeam: itrek try and no work
(01/07 15:47:22) EthanEver claps his hands
(01/07 15:47:27) Daarboven: 7/ceer
(01/07 15:47:28) JWPlatt: So if we can indulge in a little more slapspam, I'd encourage it for all his efforts.

(01/07 15:47:38) janaba: Hooray!!! for Hoikas aka Adam Johnson!!!!
(01/07 15:47:40) JWPlatt: clapspam..
(01/07 15:47:53) Doobes: Excellent.
(01/07 15:47:56) Doobes: Ready for questions?

(01/07 15:47:59) Emor D'ni Lap hollers
(01/07 15:48:22) janaba: and there he is, our hero :-)
(01/07 15:48:28) janaba claps her hands
(01/07 15:48:29) Doobes: Hehehe.
(01/07 15:48:39) SkyDiverRanger: do you keep you avvie in the open cave and as a tester?
(01/07 15:48:39) Tai'lahr: Shorah Adam!
(01/07 15:48:48) Adam {Hoikas}: hai
(01/07 15:48:49) janaba: Hey, Adam :-))
(01/07 15:49:02) Doobes: Welcome to the party, Adam. :)
(01/07 15:49:10) JWPlatt: Yep, Q&A away.
(01/07 15:49:17) Doobes: OK, you're up again, Mcbeam!
(01/07 15:49:27) Doobes: Or did Trekluver get your question?

(01/07 15:49:33) SkyDiverRanger: I JUST ASKED!!!
(01/07 15:49:38) Mcbeam: ah ok ahhh yesi think so
(01/07 15:49:54) Doobes: You forgot to PM Sky. :P
(01/07 15:49:59) Doobes: PM me, that is.
(01/07 15:50:02) SkyDiverRanger: grrr
(01/07 15:50:03) Doobes: I've got you on the queue now.
(01/07 15:50:03) Mcbeam: the insatll went fine till the barho
(01/07 15:50:05) skipirate: sky?
(01/07 15:50:10) Doobes: Tai'lahr! Go ahead.
(01/07 15:50:23) Mcbeam: akkk
(01/07 15:50:26) Tai'lahr: No thanks, they already answered my question.
(01/07 15:50:38) Doobes: Ah, OK. NOW you can ask away, SkyDiverRanger. :P
(01/07 15:51:01) rarified: McBeam: We've seen the Bahro age problem several times now
(01/07 15:51:23) rarified: It always has turned out that there was a problem in either copying the files from MOULa to Minkata,
(01/07 15:51:27) SkyDiverRanger: never mind
(01/07 15:51:38) Doobes: You sure?
(01/07 15:51:40) rarified: or that the MOULa files were out of date and then Minkata rejected them.
(01/07 15:52:05) Mcbeam: now i'm more confuzed
(01/07 15:52:07) rarified: There are a few ways to fix that, but it would be better handled in our Minkata discussion

(01/07 15:52:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): if you can't get your question answered now, you can always ask after the meeting
(01/07 15:52:19) Doobes: Exactly.
(01/07 15:52:26) Mcbeam: ok
(01/07 15:52:27) Doobes: And you can visit their forums as well.
(01/07 15:52:29) rarified: forum rather than here. I have worked with people in the #OpenUru chat
(01/07 15:52:42) Tai'lahr: McBeam, there's a lot of information about that issue on the OU forum.
(01/07 15:52:43) rarified: on difficult problems, and if yours turns out to be in that category
(01/07 15:52:49) Mcbeam: ah caht forgot bout that
(01/07 15:53:02) Doobes: Anyone else have questions for Mac, JWPlatt and rarified?
(01/07 15:53:05) rarified: I'm happy to give it a try, as long as you've tried the existing solutions
(01/07 15:53:07) rarified: in the forums

(01/07 15:53:15) Trekluver: MCbeam, PM on OpenUru and I'll help you out.
(01/07 15:53:28) Doobes: I think we're done with questions, gentlemen.
(01/07 15:53:34) Doobes: At least for the time being. ;)

(01/07 15:53:41) Greeter TomVal: ... and gentlewomen
(01/07 15:53:41) rarified thinks that was too easy
(01/07 15:53:42) Wascally Wabbit: and ladies
(01/07 15:53:45) Tai'lahr claps her hands
(01/07 15:53:52) SkyDiverRanger: why can't my computer open my KI images?
(01/07 15:53:52) Doobes: Well, no ladies up there right now. Hehehe.
(01/07 15:54:12) Wascally Wabbit ducks from flying shoes
(01/07 15:54:14) Mac: Thanks, everyone!
(01/07 15:54:19) Doobes: Let's hear it for OpenUru.org and the Minkata shard!!!

(01/07 15:54:28) Tai'lahr: Great job, OpenUru Team!
(01/07 15:54:29) janaba: we thank you!!! :-)
(01/07 15:54:39) rarified: SDR: don't know immediately; I'd submit a help desk ticket
(01/07 15:54:41) Emor D'ni Lap thanks all the OpenURU people!
(01/07 15:54:41) Musica cheers
(01/07 15:54:45) rarified: http://support.openuru.org
(01/07 15:54:49) janaba: you're all awesome!!! :-)
(01/07 15:54:55) Adam {Hoikas}: *Cate Alexander claps his hands*
(01/07 15:54:57) Musica claps her hands
(01/07 15:55:03) Doobes: LOL Adam!
(01/07 15:55:05) GoMe_Luna(nne): :P
(01/07 15:55:07) JWPlatt slips janaba $5
(01/07 15:55:07) janaba: lol
(01/07 15:55:11) Hampieman claps his hands
(01/07 15:55:19) janaba: what??? lol
(01/07 15:55:33) Rhee: lol he's so very ugly
(01/07 15:55:35) janaba: ok, $5 more for Cyan :_)
(01/07 15:55:48) Doobes: Yes, throw that $5 towards the CAVCON. ;)
(01/07 15:55:58) janaba: ok :-)
(01/07 15:55:58) Doobes: Okay folks, we have come to our last group for the day!
(01/07 15:56:10) GoMe_Luna(nne): maybe they will implement "/slowclap"
(01/07 15:56:17) Doobes: Please welcome the sea of yellow shirts that is the Guild of Messengers!!!

(01/07 15:56:41) Emor D'ni Lap: GoGo GoMe!
(01/07 15:57:10) GoMe_Luna(nne): okay let's see if the non-native mac client survives this
(01/07 15:57:15) Tai'lahr shouts "Love the New Newsletter!"
(01/07 15:57:15) janaba: ah, Rhee... great comic :_)
(01/07 15:57:24) Doobes: Eeeek! Hope so, Luna.
(01/07 15:57:26) Rhee: lol thanks janaba...
(01/07 15:57:32) janaba: -)
(01/07 15:57:35) Doobes thanks you
(01/07 15:57:53) GoMe_Luna(nne): So as Leonardo couldn't make it for tis time, you'll have to make do with me
(01/07 15:57:58) janaba: yeah, agreed Tai :-))
(01/07 15:58:04) janeerah: could have been worse using linus, luna
(01/07 15:58:06) Doobes: Wait, he wasn't here today? :D
(01/07 15:58:08) janeerah: linux
(01/07 15:58:08) Trekluver: Hehe, you're just fine Lunanne.
(01/07 15:58:12) Doobes grins
(01/07 15:58:37) GoMe_Luna(nne): After we finally woke up from our Holiday Hangover yesterday we realized that we had not yet published the new magazine :o
(01/07 15:58:46) Doobes: XD
(01/07 15:58:58) GoMe_Luna(nne): so we fixed that and we published the first edition of Cavern Post!
(01/07 15:59:09) Tai'lahr cheers
(01/07 15:59:09) Rhee: hoooooooooooray
(01/07 15:59:13) EthanEver cheers
(01/07 15:59:16) Musica: Awesome!
(01/07 15:59:19) rarified cheers
(01/07 15:59:20) janaba cheers
(01/07 15:59:25) Doobes: (You can still PM me if you want to ask the GoMe a question after Lunanne is done speaking)
(01/07 15:59:30) Daarboven: That is published where?
(01/07 15:59:39) GoMe_Luna(nne): It explains how we all can make epic marker games, who all those awesome Myst fan artists are on Deviant art
(01/07 15:59:44) Doobes: http://rel.to/gome

(01/07 15:59:50) Daarboven: (sorry for shouting)
(01/07 16:00:05) GoMe_Luna(nne): and a great comic from Rhee because one can never laugh enough
(01/07 16:00:16) Doobes: Indeed!
(01/07 16:00:35) Rhee: hehehehe those naughty bahro, wonder what they'll be up to nextmonth...
(01/07 16:00:49) GoMe_Luna(nne): so now we will start working on the next issue

(01/07 16:01:11) janaba: lol
(01/07 16:01:12) GoMe_Luna(nne): as usual we welcome any articles from the community
(01/07 16:01:33) Doobes: And don't worry about spelling and grammar and all that. We have editors. ;)

(01/07 16:01:42) janeerah: yepf
(01/07 16:01:44) janeerah: yep
(01/07 16:01:48) janeerah: saw that
(01/07 16:01:48) GoMe_Luna(nne): feel free to sent them to uh cavernpost@guildofmessengers.com
(01/07 16:01:56) janeerah: and spelling mistakes, lol
(01/07 16:02:07) GoMe_Luna(nne): and we will make sure to properly credit you :)
(01/07 16:02:25) Musica: All the magazine issues that came out since MOUL are there
(01/07 16:02:47) Musica: For your reading pleasure lol
(01/07 16:02:56) GoMe_Luna(nne): so uh I have nothing else to say *looks at the other messengers*
(01/07 16:03:13) Doobes: I have nothing to add. :)
(01/07 16:03:40) GoMe_Luna(nne): oh yeah, I would like to thank Nev'yn for his active cavern crying
(01/07 16:03:44) GoMe_Nev'yn!: Neither do I....should I have prepared a speech? Lol!
(01/07 16:03:58) Rhee chants "speechspeechspeech"
(01/07 16:04:09) Doobes: Nah, this is more spur of the moment anyway. :D
(01/07 16:04:26) GoMe_Nev'yn!: whew!!!

(01/07 16:04:32) Emor D'ni Lap: thanks for the 29 pages of beautiful new work, GoMe!
(01/07 16:04:33) Doobes: Stone is asking if there's an option to do recurring payments for the CAVCON.
(01/07 16:04:37) Mcbeam: or resite a browning poem?
(01/07 16:04:39) Doobes: Anyone know?
(01/07 16:05:05) GoMe_Luna(nne): and also on his behalve mention that if you feel like cavern crying you can join us
(01/07 16:05:23) Tai'lahr: I don't think so, Doobes. They ought to set something up with PayPal, though, IMO.
(01/07 16:05:28) GoMe_Luna(nne): and get a chance to work with a very nice en enthousiastic Nev'yn :D
(01/07 16:05:29) GoMe_Nev'yn!: Since it's through paypal...Hmm...I personally doubt it.
(01/07 16:05:34) Doobes: Absolutely! We love getting new, enthusiastic people into the Guild. :)
(01/07 16:05:42) janaba: Paypal has that option
(01/07 16:05:57) GoMe_Luna(nne): (sorry for my slow talk, having lag)
(01/07 16:06:00) Doobes: So yeah, basically check on the Paypal site, Stone.

(01/07 16:06:02) Trekluver: WE LOVE YOU GOME!
(01/07 16:06:05) Tai'lahr: Nev'yn is like Yahvo - everywhere!
(01/07 16:06:07) Doobes: No problem, Luna.
(01/07 16:06:09) GoMe_Luna(nne): but yeah question time
(01/07 16:06:20) Doobes: I have none in the queue after Stone's. Does anyone have any?
(01/07 16:06:36) Doobes shrugs
(01/07 16:06:37) GoMe_Luna(nne): oh yeah there is the GoMe meeting next week
(01/07 16:06:37) Guild of Sleepers: I do

(01/07 16:06:38) Tai'lahr: Great job, GoMe! Keep up the good work.
(01/07 16:06:39) janaba: lol Tai
(01/07 16:06:45) Doobes: Ah, go ahead, GoS. :)
(01/07 16:06:46) GoMe_Luna(nne): on saturday 10am KI time

(01/07 16:06:52) janaba: for Nev'yn
(01/07 16:07:00) Guild of Sleepers: As everybody has probably noticed
(01/07 16:07:04) janaba: Yeah, for the GoM!!!
(01/07 16:07:05) Trekluver: Actually that would be Kilroy 2.0 who's everywhere. Tell me sombody gets that refrence.
(01/07 16:07:06) janaba claps her hands
(01/07 16:07:07) Guild of Sleepers: We're on CavCon3
(01/07 16:07:24) GoMe_Luna(nne): I will have to ask Leo about the location *blush* but it will either be the cavern or our irc chat on mystlore

(01/07 16:07:31) Guild of Sleepers: Thought it might be a good thing to consider a new cavcon party in the not too far future
(01/07 16:07:35) GoMe_Luna(nne): in any case it is an open meeting and feel free to com eby
(01/07 16:08:03) GoMe_Luna(nne): especially if you are interested in joining us, it is a good option to have a chat with us
(01/07 16:08:12) Doobes: In any case, we will announce more details when they become available. ;)

(01/07 16:08:13) Jacuru (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(01/07 16:08:23) Mcbeam: might have missed it but where did the money go?
(01/07 16:08:38) Guild of Sleepers: Running servers costs mony
(01/07 16:08:39) GoMe_Luna(nne): ont he cavcon party , the GoMe does not have the sole right in organizing those :)
(01/07 16:08:42) Guild of Sleepers: *money
(01/07 16:08:44) Doobes: To keeping the servers up, probably. As far as the fund, they probably used it towards maintaining said servers.
(01/07 16:08:47) Rhee: I would suspect, McBeam, it has a lot ot do with the Black January phenomenon

(01/07 16:09:04) Mcbeam: ok thanks
(01/07 16:09:22) janaba: lol Luna :-)
(01/07 16:09:22) GoMe_Luna(nne): but any GoMe related quedtios ? Or shall we move on the the after AGM talk?
(01/07 16:09:23) Doobes: Exactly. Anyone can organize a party to raise money for CAVCON if they'd like. We will even help spread the word for you if you let us know.
(01/07 16:09:28) Guild of Sleepers: Anyway, I was just mentioning this to give everybody time think about it before everything is going to the Fritz again
(01/07 16:09:31) Rhee: donations may have dipped due to the holidays, and may remain low as folks recover from their holiday spending... but that's just my opinion

(01/07 16:09:31) GoMe_Luna(nne): *questions
(01/07 16:09:34) Doobes: Yes, anything GoMe related?
(01/07 16:09:41) Rhee: ohihave one lol
(01/07 16:09:50) Doobes: Go ahead. :)
(01/07 16:10:19) Rhee: would the cavern post ever publish short sotries or a serial set of stories in the form of fan fiction? just out of curiousity
(01/07 16:10:30) GoMe_Luna(nne): we will publish short stories
(01/07 16:10:34) GoMe_Luna(nne): but no serie
(01/07 16:10:38) GoMe_Luna(nne): *series
(01/07 16:11:15) GoMe_Luna(nne): just short stories that can be read on theiir own like the Go used to do

(01/07 16:11:15) Doobes: Anything else?
(01/07 16:11:24) Rhee: and would there be a size limit on those? ie three pages, or 4000 words or something? i'm sure there are lots of fanfic writers that might be interested
in doing so

(01/07 16:11:25) Trekluver: What if the series was ongoing?
(01/07 16:11:54) Emor D'ni Lap roars with laughter
(01/07 16:12:13) GoMe_Luna(nne): the thing is that with the current amount of people working on it we cannot have a stable release date
(01/07 16:12:27) Doobes: Kind of like Cyan, really. Hehehe.
(01/07 16:12:29) Trekluver: Wow, I just realized how stupidly that was worded...
(01/07 16:12:40) Rhee: rofl @Trek
(01/07 16:12:47) GoMe_Luna(nne): which imo is rathertroublesome for a serie
(01/07 16:12:47) Trekluver: :D
(01/07 16:13:13) Doobes: Any more questions?
(01/07 16:13:28) GoMe_Luna(nne): comared to let's say Deviant art
(01/07 16:13:31) Rhee: and i suppose it would prevent others from having a change to be heard... if the next seven issues are taken up by Person a's stories... anyway hehe
i'll shut it now
(01/07 16:13:33) GoMe_Luna(nne): *compared
(01/07 16:13:43) Rhee: *chance
(01/07 16:13:44) Doobes nods

(01/07 16:13:45) Trekluver: I think with outside help a monthly publicaion is possible. But there neds to be less dodling with the editing.
(01/07 16:14:14) Rhee: if there was more helpt for the diting, it wouldn't take so long :)
(01/07 16:14:18) GoMe_Luna(nne): but a short stoy of 1-2 page(s) as example of someone's work with a link to their website with their serie can work
(01/07 16:14:24) Doobes: Yeah, but then people might say it looks rushed and really, who wants that? :D
(01/07 16:14:54) GoMe_Luna(nne): more help with layout would work, but really tehre are 2/3 people really working on it next to their real lives
(01/07 16:15:04) GoMe_Luna(nne): which was with the holidays rather busy
(01/07 16:15:09) Doobes: True.

(01/07 16:15:11) Trekluver: True, butttttttttt...
(01/07 16:15:16) GoMe_Luna(nne): I won't hide it, the Messengers is really small at the moment
(01/07 16:15:30) Doobes: Small, but dedicated. ;)
(01/07 16:15:49) GoMe_Luna(nne): we try, but we cannot do miracles

(01/07 16:15:56) Trekluver: Smal but awesome!
(01/07 16:15:58) GoMe_Luna(nne): so any help would be appreciated
(01/07 16:16:05) Doobes: Agreed.

(01/07 16:16:12) Trekluver: I understand, I help run a guild as well.
(01/07 16:16:23) Doobes: Not easy, is it?
(01/07 16:16:24) Doobes grins
(01/07 16:16:26) GoMe_Nev'yn!: even i have to sleep sometimes! Lol!!!
(01/07 16:16:29) Rhee restrains herself from makinga Bones McCoy reference
(01/07 16:16:44) Tai'lahr doesn't believe that Nev'yn sleeps.
(01/07 16:17:15) GoMe_Luna(nne): yeah but we are insiders :P
(01/07 16:17:26) Doobes: Inside the cavern, yes. Hehehe.
(01/07 16:17:30) GoMe_Luna(nne): anyway I think it is time to call this AGM to a close if there ar eno more questions

(01/07 16:17:36) GoMe_Nev'yn!: Darnit Trek, i'm a Messenger...not a printing press!
(01/07 16:17:37) Tai'lahr claps her hands
(01/07 16:17:39) Doobes: None that I know of.
(01/07 16:17:42) Trekluver: LOL!
(01/07 16:17:50) GoMe_Luna(nne): I will be around for a while now
(01/07 16:17:53) Tom(Samoth) claps his hands
(01/07 16:17:53) Trekluver: Good one Nev.
(01/07 16:17:59) Trekluver claps his hands
(01/07 16:18:00) Doobes: Well everyone, it's been fun. I'd like to thank all the groups that presented and all of YOU for attending!
(01/07 16:18:11) Tai'lahr: Great meeting, everyone. Thanks!
(01/07 16:18:12) Trekluver: W00T
(01/07 16:18:14) janaba cheers
(01/07 16:18:14) Doobes: Thanks for making my first run at moderator VERY enjoyable!
(01/07 16:18:25) Christian Walther: Thanks for hosting Doobes
(01/07 16:18:26) Doobes: Leonardo will be back next month. Trust me. :)
(01/07 16:18:30) Doobes bows

(01/07 16:18:35) Emor D'ni Lap: huzzah!
(01/07 16:18:38) Jaytee: thanks Doobes
(01/07 16:18:45) Greeter TomVal: Time to visit "the open cave"
(01/07 16:18:48) janaba: great job, Doobes... Leo will miss out more in the future :_)
(01/07 16:18:54) janaba claps her hands
(01/07 16:18:57) Greeter TomVal: bye for now
(01/07 16:19:00) Guild of Sleepers: time for me to return to TOC
(01/07 16:19:00) Trekluver: Yea, wel all know you're intending to tie him up and feed him to shroomie.
(01/07 16:19:01) Greeter TomVal: Pwavebye
(01/07 16:19:01) Tom(Samoth): it was a very interesting meeting today.
(01/07 16:19:02) Trekluver: :D
(01/07 16:19:05) Doobes: And again, if you have a spare $5 or so lying around, donate it towards the CAVCON! I'm planning to myself. :)
(01/07 16:19:11) janaba: haha
(01/07 16:19:15) Rhee: you did a great job, doobes!! in my experience it will be Leo that has to fill your shoes! haha
(01/07 16:19:25) Doobes: Nah, Leo is the master at all this. :D
(01/07 16:19:36) ...Chat.log stopped.